Friday, February 15, 2013

Flash back..

Today, I want to post some old photos..
I always miss every moment I've spent with my friends in college..
Newbies in Campus Life.. We still look innocent huh?
when we dressed like a kindergarden kids.. Dont U think we're cute?? ;D

Another children look alike shoot..
Industrial Girls feat Electrical Boys.. Umm..I dont remember btw.. hehe

We are fabulous, aren't we? haha =D

I've got a lot of friends from various departments and 'angkatan' (what's this in english, btw? lol).
They're nice & smart. So many great people I've met there.

Some of them are my best friends..
We named us JC.....for J_ _ _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ _.
It's not really a secret name, siih.. but I won't tell ya anyway.. :p
Ovri, Shita, Ditta, Puri, Dila, Asti, Bebelle, Santi, Irra, Fifi, Arrum, Rere..
They're my closest friends.. My BFF.. and also my sisters..
They're all fabulous in their own way..
I'm proud of them, proud to be one of their friends.
But for me, our relationship is not a friendship.. I called it Sisterhood..

I miss them.. I miss our moments together..
I know, we're now very busy with our own personal life.. But we still keep in touch..

Friends come and go...
Even bestfriends can become totally strangers.
But.. Because what we've got is not a friendship, we will never be apart! (^o^)
What we've got is a sisterhood.. So,it will last forever..
Miss youuuu JC!!!

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