Monday, October 31, 2016

From Bandung to Jakarta, and Its Skin Journeys..

On my previous blogpost, I was talking about me who moved, first from my home to kost, then from one kost to another for three times, and how about the condition of each place..

It's none of anyone business tho LOL but I just wanted to share about the hardness of moving..
It's really hard for me, physically. It didn't only impact my body but also my skin.

When I was in Bandung, I'm pretty sure I didn't have an oily skin.
Since I moved to Jakarta, my skin started to produce more oil and became more acne prone.
So, the weather really impacts my skin condition. Bandung has a very nice weather. It doesn't have a hot weather like Jakarta. This weather problem caused double troubles.
I couldn't live without an Air Conditioner here.
So, first trouble is my skin now produces more oil.
The second one is the air conditioner dries my skin.
Results?? Skin troubles.

I often got unusual pimples and acnes. Even after a few months, my skin seemed never got used to Jakarta weather.
That's what I thought at first. It's all about the weather.
But then I realized it wasn't only caused by the weather but also caused by the water.
So, I think the water on my first 3 kosts = hard water.
When I went to gym everyday and took showers there, my skin always got better.
Oh and I had to tell ya the acnes weren't only showed up on my face but also on my back, so that's why I was really sure my acnes weren't caused by any skin care products I've tried.

It made me stressed to see my face became like that. I got depressed when I had to deal with the scars and dark spots it has caused.

I tried to do as many as possible things I could do to stop the breakouts and acnes, but it kept getting worse..
I bought acne ointments, new skin care products for trouble skin, and many more, until I realized the trouble maker was just the water!!


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