Monday, September 26, 2016

From Bandung to Jakarta, and Its Journeys..

It's been over a year since I moved to Jakarta. A lot of things have happened.

So, let me tell you one by one..

First thing is about housing.. (or, ... "Kost-ing" ??)

In these past 15 months, I have moved 3 times so it's been 4 kost until now. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd kost were in Kemang, the 4th kost now is in Pejaten.

First time I moved was because the first Kost house didn't have a toilet on the same floor with my bedroom. Can you imagine, I wokeup in the midnight wanted to use toilet, and I had to go downstairs to reach the toilet, the struggle was soooo REAL man! After a month, I decided to move to another house and fortunately it's very near to my office.

The second kost house was nice enough. It's clean and still fresh because it's still new. But the room size was so small, I got many bruises on my body because it's so small that if I moved my body even just a little, it could hurt.. The bed was so uncomfortble, I couldnt sleep well because of that. 
After about 1-2 months, one of my office friends moved there, it was so nice to have a friend in the same house because I didn't feel lonely anymore. Troubles happened because we had one roommate with cadar upstair, who always left dirty plates in the sink, etc.. it was so annoying.

After a few months, I moved again to another kost house. The third place was comfortoble. The size of the room is enough to store all my things and to move my body comfortably lol. 
Everything was nice until 1 accident happened, a rat came to my bathroom and when I asked for the housekeeper help, she (and her husband) didn't show nice attitude. I couldnt use my own bathroom for 4 days (thank God I could use gym bathroom). 

So, when FemaleDaily's Queenbees  told us the office would move soon from Kemang to Pejaten, I didnt think twice to move to another Kost too, even if my life was still abstract and uncertain (because my contract would end in a month, and I havent known whether they would hire me to be a permanent employee or not).

Looking for a nice place (and also not too far from office & match with my budget) wasn't that easy.
Before I found this 4th kost, I'd been searching & surveying for more than a month, visiting many houses under the heat of Jakarta Sun plus the pollution etc. But yeah, I finally got one that's comfortable and everything is nice. Until the second I write this post, I still feel comfortable. Haha. 
Not to mention, the house has a cute color....PURPLE!!!
(Honestly it's over my budget, so I had to cut my another expense, that's why I stopped going to Gym.....yeah so sad I know).

I have to admit, live far away from home is hard. Everytime I had to move, I did it all by myself, so exhausting. And then need to do everything by myself everyday, need to have a very good time management, need to always keep my bed & bathroom clean, sometimes need to cook, etc..
Life was so much easier when you still lived with your parents haha.
But hey, people need to grow. I think I have to grow.
*and I still have a dream to live abroad, so I take this as a training..hehe*
Sometimes I feel tired and just wanna go back to Bandung but then I keep reminding and telling myself I moved here not for nothing, I have my own reasons and goals, so I have to survive and keep on fighting..

I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who also fight for their dreams in Jakarta, just like me, so I'm not alone.. :D

Second thing is about....... Hmmm well, let me share my thought on this in another post ok, seee yoouuu ^^ 

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